Christopher Whitson

Dad, investor, 🌎 traveler, .NET dev, advisor,
ocean swimmer, coffee nut, sailor, and smooth operator.

The future of networking. Even for introverts.


Both a noun and a verb.

Bomvida <--- CLICK ME   will exploit networking's full potential

Networking that is stupid-easy

Right now it is quite boring.

However, I've never built anything for current markets

I build things for the future

The real magic of networking will happen here.

All of your questions.

Your answers.

Your human interactions.

Will be analyzed.

Analyzed extensively.

Your activity will be applied to algorithms.

Networking will not be random anymore.

Your success will not be by chance.

Bomvida will curate relationships to make you better.

Bomvida will match you with people you NEED to meet.

We'll predict who,

Before you even know you need them.

You're welcome!

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