Christopher Whitson

Dad, investor, 🌎 traveler, .NET dev, advisor,
ocean swimmer, coffee nut, sailor, and smooth operator.

Company Portfolio

Since 2008, ABQfind has promoted and provided cooperative marketing for 100% locally-owned businesses in the Albuquerque, NM Metro area. With both free and paid accounts, there's no reason a local company shouldn't sign up! (New re-design coming soon)


HiBub provides 1-click checkout links for products offered by merchants who use Shopify. Unique links for each product take repeat customers directly to checkout, increasing the chances that they'll buy from a merchant again. A customer you already have is the easiest sale to make again!

QuickHabits helps you learn new habits using a more successful method. It works even when you lack motivation or time. We literally created a self-improvement app that makes it easy. We take many small things and turn them into one big, awesome thing.

Bomvida Farms

Bomvida Farms LLC is a regenerative farm in New Mexico that uses intensive rotational cropping and grazing to mimic the cycles of nature to grow food and animals with fewer 3rd party inputs and less waste. With an on-site commercial kitchen and opportunities for special experiences...we're changing the way local food is grown, sold, and consumed.


Secure login management & regen designed to keep your accounts safe in the event of a data breach. We make it hard for thieves to use stolen or hacked account information to gain access to your accounts. Still under development & testing.

World Gone Round

Our family blog site were we haphazardly describe our unique lifestyle and travels. Includes occasional posts on financial independence, traveling with kids, and remote working. Follow along at your own peril.


Merchants can process transactions without fees. Accept credit cards, reward customers, drive the local economy, POS system included, lower transaction costs up to 70% or more. Built using blockchain distributed ledger technology. This project was suspended and the Fency name is being used for a new product. This link goes to that new site.