Christopher Whitson

Business scientist + father, investor, traveler, sailor.
Enjoys seeing the 🌎 differently.

Company Portfolio

Since 2008, ABQfind has promoted and provided cooperative marketing for 100% locally-owned businesses in the Albuquerque, NM Metro area. With both free and paid accounts, there's no reason a local company shouldn't sign up! (New re-design coming for 2018!)

A new and innovative way for fitness trainers, coaches, and gyms to interact with their clients and build value OUTSIDE the gym! QuickHabits hacks human psychology and increases the chances of a client attaining success with their goals.

Mobwild does all the dirty work to ensure your company DOMINATES! They manage your entire online pipeline and aim to make you and your business famous with top-notch services and impressive business management expertise for one flat fee.


You want to go far in life. As a group we'll help you go farther. Bomvida is a closed network of professionals dedicated to helping each other succeed in business and in life.


Revolutionary new way for merchants to process transactions. Accept credit cards, reward customers, drive the local economy, POS system included, lower transaction costs up to 70%, and more. Buitd using blockchain distributed ledger technology. You won't have to worry about complicated merchant agreements, interchange fees, or discount rates ever again!