Christopher Whitson

Business scientist + father, investor, traveler, sailor.
Enjoys seeing the 🌎 differently.

Business Scientist and Culture Advocate

I use science to build businesses

  • You're working too hard to keep the business running
  • High turnover, low employee morale and buy-in
  • You want to retire
  • Your business has cash flow problems and you need to keep it going
  • You're done, you want out, and there's no one to take over the business. Shutting it down and laying off your employees feels like a jerk move.

Any industry. Any size. Any location. I'll consider it.

Whether you're looking for a partner to help smooth out the rough edges in your business or you want to get out completely, let's talk and see about getting what you want out of the transaction. You have options and I'll explore them with you. Even if we can't reach a'll learn a lot about your business that you may not have known. And I'll even tell you if you shouldn't be making big changes to your company in the first place.

Your satisfaction is a top priority and I want you to feel good about dealing with me. No hostile takeovers or breakups. My intention is to keep the company running and improve/grow it...not tear it apart and auction it off. I'm sentimental like that.

What's the catch? I want to invest my time into decent companies. I prefer B2B operations the most, but I'm a customer service fanatic so B2C opportunities come in a close second. If you're neck deep in debt and/or lawsuits, I'll still take a peek but it's unlikely we'll be able to make a deal...I'm just one guy. However, I do know people who deal with those situations specifically. So getting in touch with me just may save your bacon.

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